Experience Real Estate Agility

Create a Digital Twin Token (DTT®) of your existing building and release the potential of Web3.

Certify your building as a Digital Twin Token (DTT®)

The Digital Twin Token is a unique digital asset backed by property data. Magma combines your building’s components and systems essential information into a DTT®.

Connect the Building's twin to your stakeholders

Users connect directly to the DTT® without any intermediaries. As Stakeholder, they have the power to upload and verify information that enriches the Digital Twin Token. A Stakeholder's ability to access validated-data to perform tasks depends on their specific role.

Increase your Digital Twin Token’s value

DTT® data increases the value of your digital asset by lowering operational costs, improving energy use, assisting commercialization, and boosting the liquidity of your building.

Magma Index

What is

Web3 platform

Magma is a Web3 platform for all real estate stakeholders, which provides users with the ability to manage interactions between physical and digital assets through unique, and collectively generated, 3D representations of their buildings.

The Digital Twin Token: The building’s unique digital copy

Magma uses blockchain technology to record essential data, which enables transparent, traceable, and immutable streams of information to be readily accessible to its users. Magma smart contracts are built with this blockchain data to expedite tasks like requests for proposals, lease agreements, and services arrangements.

An Index of digitization

The Magma Index provides valuable insight for decision-making regarding data-sharing, service-creating, and operational/environmental expectations.

DTT Creation


Invite your building’s Stakeholders

Stakeholders connect directly to the DTT® without any intermediaries.


Upload and
validate contractual
and architectural data

Each contribution is rewarded in tokens.


Mint your building’s Digital Twin Token

Increase its Magma Index.


Your Digital Twin Token is up to date

Improve the transferability of your asset.

For All Stakeholders