The Digital Twin Token is the blueprint of your building, recorded with blockchain technology, linking your model to real-world input.

Magma is a building enhancement tool designed to optimize your property's operations and generate value for your asset.



Expedite the opportunity to sell a building by keeping all the documentation of the DTT up-to-date in an immutable operational data room.


Operational costs

Lower the cost of verifying information and mitigate the effects of data asymmetry by using a single reference in a trustworthy environment.



Facilitate automation and predictive analytics by creating objects, group of objects and zones.

Connect them through Smart Contracts to their respective Stakeholders and update their state without the need of third party verification.



Measure, rate, and improve your building’s regulatory compliance, recyclability, and environmental efficiency thanks to the Magma Index score.


  • Stakeholders are verified with a KYB and ID verification of accredited persons;
  • Unique Building Digital ID;
  • Fraud verification of documents;
  • Stakeholder type, category, and role define access to data;
  • Individual rating of stakeholders.

Data Trust

  • Validation protocol of documents by stakeholders with rewards and ratings;
  • Secured record-keeping of documentation with encryption and timestamping (hashing);
  • Traceability through hashed-document mapping;
  • A unique reference (source of truth) for stakeholders, preventing data asymmetry;
  • A source of trustworthy data to create automated smart contracts.

Digital Value

  • Immediate value creation with the digital asset by compiling architectural and contractual data as an NFT (storing value);
  • Contains information relative to non-financial reporting obligations, such as ESG and other certifications/labels;
  • Data ownership protection.

Intuitive Platform

  • Data room dashboard or 3D view to explore the building;
  • Chat and interact with stakeholders;
  • Create objects, groups of objects, zones, and missions;
  • Retrieve information on any objects with a single click;
  • Generate immersive experiences;
  • Disintermediation.

How does this work?

The Magma platform has 3 main pillars

The Digital Twin

Magma opens the possibility to explore and interact with a 3D model of your building. The model contains a building’s objects’ and systems’ metadata. This provides the ability to define objects, zones, and missions for an agile property management. Whether financial, architectural, or environmental, the DTT® grants you crucial insight on how to optimize nearly every facet of your building.

The Digital Twin Token

The Digital Twin Token is a dynamic Non-Fungible Token representing your building’s digital footprint. All objects in the building can be stored as NFTs, including their authorship, their technical properties, and their location in 3D space. The DTT® is minted following a data validation protocol by stakeholders and can include all items in the building.

The Magma Index

The Magma Index evaluates the building's level of digitization and operational efficiency. The index value is calculated by assessing the quantity and quality of uploaded documentation over a matrix of desired data. The index highlights the accuracy of the model and its ability to reach operational/environmental expectations.

Adding value to your DTT®

More Data
More Value

Adding value to your DTT®

To calculate the Magma Index, the elements of the building have been split between five different levels.


The birth of the DTT®, which proves the existence, ownership, location, conformity, and yield of the building.


The 1st Index Level corresponds to the structural elements of the building. Structural objects that contribute to the building's stability include columns, beams, shear walls, foundations, etc.


The 2nd Index Level corresponds to the architectural elements of the building. Architectural objects that contribute to the building’s shell design include walls, fenestration, roofing, partitions, etc.


The 3rd Index Level corresponds to the Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing elements of the building. MEP objects that contribute to the building’s systems include HVAC, ducts, vents, lighting, IT networks and waste management.


The 4th Index Level corresponds to the Interior Design elements of the building. Interior Design objects that contribute to the building’s decor include chairs, tables, cupboards, etc.

The Magma Index value increases as a function of the quantity and quality of information provided.

Use cases



FULL DTT® & NFT Store Factory

Creation of the DTT® for all levels.

Onboarding of Stakeholders and wallet creation.

Upload and validation of documents, and DTT® minting.


DataHub and Automated Contracts

Collecting data and creating objects, object groups, zones, and missions.