Our mission

Bridge the gap between real estate and technology

Real estate


Despite significant progress in innovation over the last few years, real estate is still relatively inefficient compared to other assets like stocks or bonds. In contrast, real estate transactions can take months!

Asset management and property management are hindered by redundancies and siloed stakeholder data, which causes massive overhead and information asymmetry.


To bridge the gap between real estate and technology by establishing a more agile management and transfer of assets.

What is Magma?

Magma is a groundbreaking platform that integrates an interactive 3D model with blockchain layers, enabling collaboration between stakeholders in a secure, agile, and robust digital environment.

Our team
& advisors

The Magma crew is an eclectic mix of real estate developers, software engineers, financiers, technologists, designers, and architects. This highly dedicated team is pushing the limits of what defines a smart building, our interactions, and the virtual infrastructure surrounding the two.

Matthieu Merchadou

Co-Founder & CEO

Smart City & Digital Transformation Expert

Cooper Copetas

Co-Founder & CIO

Parametric Design Expert

Jurgen Schouppe

Co-Founder & CTO

Digital Asset Specialist

Jonathan Wahnich

General Manager

Emre Palandöken

Product Owner

Marketing Manager

Yoan Gross


Andy Demeulemeester

Senior Developer Back-End

Hrish Lotlikar

Advisor Metaverse and Web3

Anton Golub

Advisor DAO and Tokenomics

Founder SwissDAO

Emmanuel François

Smart Building & Strategic Partnerships

Anthony Carta

BIM Strategy Partner

Michael Benhamou

Financial advisor