Announcements / Dec 22, 2023

Become an Early Adopter: join Magma as a pioneer in digital real estate!

Real technological breakthrough, Magma is a platform designed to overcome the challenges facing the real estate industry by combining Web3 and digital twin technologies: asymmetry or loss of information between stakeholders, lack of reliable documentation on buildings, over-intermediation, increased reporting obligations with ESG criteria, illiquidity… While the challenges are considerable, many can be resolved thanks to a change in organizational approach and technology!

This is what Magma offers with a unique technological combination: blockchain, digital assets, incentive and reward programs for data provision and validation, digital dataroom and digital twins are capable of meeting these challenges.

Brokers, property managers, building owners, architects or building service providers, you are all creators and users of data. By joining Magma, you’ll be able to create value thanks to this verified data, while providing an answer to real estate’s problems.

The tokenization of Real-World Assets, or RWAs, offers many advantages over existing financial mechanisms, such as liquidity, programmability, regulatory compliance, transaction speed, transparency, data immutability and fractional ownership.
No wonder Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, recently declared that tokenization would be “the next evolution for securities and markets”, or that the Boston Consulting Group predicts that tokenized digital assets will represent a $16,000 billion market by 2030 (Relevance of on-chain asset tokenization in ‘crypto winter’, 2022).

Using the principle of tokenization, Magma creates a unique digital asset representing the building, called the Digital Twin Token (DTT®): it is the digital footprint of the building and follows it throughout its life.
The DTT® is attached to the building and becomes an operational dataroom containing all its documentation, thanks to a data validation protocol by the stakeholders, who are rewarded for their contribution.

In this way, all stakeholders (asset manager, property manager, facility manager, architect, notary, service providers, etc.) connect to the DTT® and upload their respective documents, keeping it an operational digital dataroom. Each document uploaded enriches the building’s DTT®, kept up-to-date by its stakeholders, with a hash recorded in the blockchain to guarantee the dataroom’s conformity and authenticity.

Magma is also developing a 3D twin viewer of the building, offering a digital replica including validated and up-to-date data on the building’s objects and equipment (available in V1.1).

With ESG issues in mind, we have developed the Magma Index, an index enabling you to optimize the management of your building thanks to the quantity and quality of the data provided.

To support you in the creation of your Digital Twin Token, we have created an Early Adopter Program offering numerous advantages for first-time adopters:

  • Free DTT® creation costs!
  • Free management fees for the first year
  • Access to Magma governance
  • Co-development of the platform according to your needs
  • Series of educational workshops on Web3 and Magma

Join us now and optimize your building’s liquidity and operational management by creating its DTT® free of charge!