Announcements / Nov 09, 2023

Magma unveils its platform on 15 November!

New technologies are ushering in a new era in real estate, and Magma is at the forefront of this evolution.
The real estate industry is set to embrace the future with the arrival of Magma on 15 November, a date to remember!

A New Era for Real Estate

Real estate is a colossal sector, but it also faces major challenges, including illiquidity, data asymmetry, exorbitant operational costs and a staggering environmental impact, being responsible for around 40% of global CO2 emissions(1),
Magma is determined to provide a solution to these problems in order to achieve a more transparent, efficient and sustainable real estate sector.

The Digital Twin Token (DTT®): your building’s unique digital asset

At the heart of Magma is the Digital Twin Token (DTT®), a non-fungible token (NFT) based on the VeChain blockchain. Each existing building can become a unique digital asset with a DTT®. This DTT® contains the digital footprint of the building, as well as all the associated contractual and architectural documentation.
Any stakeholder in the building, whether owner, asset manager, property manager, architect or service provider, can upload their documents to the platform.
These documents are then validated by the respective stakeholders to ensure their authenticity. Once validated, a hash of the documents is created and stored immutably on the VeChain blockchain, and a reward is sent to the stakeholders. Thus, the DTT® becomes a store of value for the building and a transparent operational dataroom for all stakeholders.

The 3D Digital Twin: explore the building in 3D

Magma also offers the possibility of exploring the building’s 3D digital twin. You can import an existing 3D model onto the platform or ask Magma’s teams to create one for you. You will be able to add objects, groups of objects and zones with metadata to keep the 3D twin up to date throughout the life of the building.

The Magma Index: a performance index

The Magma index assesses the level of digitisation of the building based on the data attached to the DTT®. This index is made up of five levels, each corresponding to specific contractual or architectural elements. It adds value to the building’s DTT® and provides essential information for optimising the management of the building, from its finances to its environmental efficiency.

A more sustainable future

Magma’s mission is to improve the operational management and eco-responsibility of real estate. Using blockchain technology to ensure a transparent and immutable flow of data, we provide a solution to the problems of information asymmetry, sector illiquidity, high operational costs and the need to adopt digital tools.
Magma also makes it possible to reward stakeholders who keep the DTT® up to date with Utility Tokens called MUT (Magma Utility Token).

Create your Digital Twin Token

15 November marks the start of a new era in real estate. Join us in this revolution and discover how Magma will change the way we view and manage real estate. We have launched an Early Adopter Programme reserved for the first 100 properties to sign up to Magma, which gives access to the governance of the platform as well as financial benefits.
Join our program now and benefit from exclusive advantages! Contact us by email at [email protected]

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