Announcements / Jun 06, 2024

Magma joins Tokeny's Real-World Assets Tokenization ecosystem

We are delighted to announce that Magma has been included in the Map of the Ecosystem of Real-World Assets Tokenization created by Token in the Data & Ecosystem category! 

What is the Map of the Ecosystem of Tokenization?

This map is a visual representation of the companies that are making a significant contribution to the evolution of tokenization. It covers various categories ranging from tokenization platforms, blockchain infrastructures, decentralised finance players, data solutions and ecosystems. This map helps to identify the main players in the field, making it easier to understand this fast-growing area.

Tokeny, a leading company on tokenisation, has developed this map to list the innovative and influential companies shaping the future of tokenisation. Being included in this map means that the Digital Twin Token (DTT®) is recognised as a key player in the digital transformation of real estate through the creation of digital assets via its 3 pillars: the digital twin, the Magma Index and blockchain technology.

Why Magma?

What sets Magma apart is its ability to create a unique digital asset for existing buildings, called the Digital Twin Token (DTT®), which is itself made up of other digital assets representing the building’s equipment and zones.

Magma recovers the building’s ‘cold’ data (dataroom) as well as data from the building’s systems (BMS, BIM, etc.). A validation and permission protocol is used to certify the data and provide transparent access to it. This enables managers to gain a better understanding of their assets, provide factual ESG reporting and create automated contracts (carbon credits, green bonds, energy performance contracts, etc.).

In this way, Magma is one of the key components in the tokenization of real-world assets to ensure transparency on the state of assets and their compliance.

Customers and partners

Being included in this map in the Data & Ecosystem category reinforces our positioning as a reliable and innovative solution for real estate data management. Our customers and partners can rest assured that Magma is at the forefront of technology, offering robust solutions to meet the challenges of information asymmetry, ESG issues and high operational costs in the real estate sector.

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Real-World Asset Tokenization Ecosystem Map: