Announcements / Mar 08, 2024

Magma x StegX Partnership announcement!

Partnership Announcement!

We are thrilled to partner with StegX, the global marketplace connecting the world of institutional Real Estate!

 About StegX

StegX is a One-Stop-Shop ecosystem for institutional real estate investments that changes the traditional financial system by leveraging the innovative capabilities of blockchain technologies to connect professional real estate managers with institutional investors on a global scale.

StegX pioneers institutional marketplace solutions, enabling the investment and trading of both traditional and tokenized real estate investment structures. Moreover, it serves as a platform, connecting all stakeholders throughout the investment lifecycle with necessary service and financial intermediaries they need to perform their services.

Shared values, shared vision

The collaboration between StegX and Magma empowers both asset managers and institutional investors on the StegX platform by allowing them to leverage Magma’s innovative solutions. By representing their assets as digital twins, asset managers and institutional investors establish a single point of truth and unlock new ways to track, collaborate, and report on building-related data. Together with Magma, we are setting new standards for institutional real estate investments, driving transparency, efficiency, and innovation.

Pioneering Realty’s Tomorrow

Embark with us on this transformative journey as we pioneer the future of real estate. Our collaboration is set to redefine industry standards, making real estate investments smarter, more accessible, and secure.